Choose God!

Psalm 63:1-11 (KJV)

O God, thou art my God; earnestly will I seek thee:
My soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee,
In a dry and weary land, where no water is.

Whether a shepherd boy or a king, David always poured out his heart to God.

Psalm 63 is a great example of this speaking from the heart. It is an earnest search in which David called out to God while in a desert, submitting himself once again to his Lord and to His will. Isn’t it wonderful to see one seek God and look to Him for solutions to his or her problems? We can do the same today and we have been told scripturally to do so, but for all to be righted for us in our dry and weary land, we have to claim God and obediently follow Him. We have to choose Him instead of the world and its ways.

Whose rules do you abide by today? Who do you look to, to quench your thirst and to feed your flesh? Who have you chosen to follow, the world or God? You know that you can’t chose both. It is either the one or the other and the decision is yours.

This being said, with great love I ask you to pour your heart out to God and let Him control your life. God was there for David even during the driest parts of his journey and God will be there for you if you let Him. All you have to do is trust in Him.

Published by Pastor Toby Davis

"I'm just a nobody, trying to tell everybody, all about Somebody who saved my soul." - Matthew West

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