Look Ever Toward the Lord!

Psalm 25:15 (NIV)

My eyes are ever on the LORD,
for only he will release my feet from the snare.

Have you ever tried to walk in a perfectly straight line for any distance at all? It’s really not the easiest thing to do. The reality is, most of us pull to one side or to the other depending upon which foot is dominant. And so what happens, if we are not attentive as to how we are walking, is we simply end up going nowhere but in a complete circle. We in the end come back to where we once began.

Now when we try to accomplish this same task looking down at our own feet it is even more difficult. When we put our eyes, not up and to what is in front of us, but only down upon ourselves and where we have been, we guarantee failure: we lose perspective as to what is behind us, to what is around us and to where we are going; and we tend to base each step of the journey off of the point of our previous step. The only successful method to find our way on the physical journey is to look up and to see what is to come. We must take our eyes off of ourselves and instead see what is in our path.

The same is true of all of us as well, while on our own individual spiritual journeys. If we focus on ourselves and only where we have been or where we are at present, we will ultimately fail and never reach God’s goal for our lives. However, if we keep our eyes up and look always ahead to God and what is to come, we shall attain what it is for which we are really looking.

I challenge you today to keep your feet out of the snares of life, off of yourself and your past, and instead to keep your eyes ever upon the Lord. It is He that will give you all that you need and take you all the way down His path – to where you belong for eternity.

Keep your eyes ever toward the Lord!

Published by Pastor Toby Davis

"I'm just a nobody, trying to tell everybody, all about Somebody who saved my soul." - Matthew West

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